At the 19th of may, AV De Spartaan will host the 36th edition of the Ter Specke Bokaal. The Ter Specke Bokaal is one of the bigger athletics meetings in The Netherlands and is part of the 'Nationaal Baancircuit'. The meeting is visited by around a 1000 spectators each year. 
The Ter Specke Bokaal provides the opportunity for companies to sponsor this meeting and have themselves associated with (semi-)professional athletics.
The Ter Specke Bokaal offers your company the opportunity to present themselves using flags, banners, flyers, advertisements and connecting your company name to the internet or one of the events. 
Every year, the meeting is attended by a lot of press, composed of local newspaper and radio stations and by the national broadcasting station NOS Studio Sport. At the tab 'Photo/video' a selection is shown from press articles and videos from the past few editions. 

If you have any questions considering the sponsorship of our meeting please contact: terspeckebokaal@avdespartaan.nl


Premium Partners

Autocentrum Beelen
IBB Kondor


Vrienden van de TSB


WLTO-Afdeling Lisse/Hillegom
Van der Hulst
Flexteam Sexurity
Mooi Bloemen
S&F Thea Hoogervorst 
Voges Verpakkingen
Fa. Van Rijssel

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